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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a repair?

If it is an emergency outside of normal working hours, and is unsafe to wait until the next day, please refer to the below “Emergency & General Maintenance” document below for immediate advice and contact details. All emergency maintenance issues should be submitted through Arthur detailing the fault and what action you took.

If the issue is not an emergency, please raise an issue through Arthur with a detailed description and photos. You can also refer to the “Emergency & General Maintenance” and “FAQ” documents below for advice.

If you have not yet received an invitation to the Arthur Tenant portal, please contact your property manager.

Am I allowed to have pets in the property?

This varies by property – most of our landlords are happy to allow pets, but you must seek written permission first.

Am I allowed to decorate the property?

Most of our landlords want you to feel at home in your new property. On a case by case basis, landlords may allow you to decorate subject to one or more of the following conditions:

  • You must seek written permission before starting to decorate
  • Decoration must be done to professional standards
  • You may be asked to return the property to its original décor at the end of your tenancy, again to professional standards.

How do I pay rent?

Rent is paid via Standing Order or Bank Transfer on or before your rent due date, which can be found in your tenancy agreement. Rent is always paid in advance, not arrears.

How do I give notice that I'm vacating my property?

You must send an email or submit notice through the Arthur portal a minimum of 28 days before you intend to vacate the premises. If you are unable to email, please call our office at 0141 212 0825.

We will then inform you of any prorated rental payments that may apply and steps you must take prior to moving out, in order to retain your full security deposit.

I have a problem with Utilities, Council Tax or letters being received – What should I do?

Utilities and Council Tax are the responsibility of the Tenant. If you have a problem with information on any correspondence, then please call the council or utility provider directly.

If you are receiving letters that are not addressed to you, then you may mark them as ‘not known at this address’ and return to a post box.

My utility bill is quite high, why is this and how can I reduce the costs?

 Ensure that heating is set on an appropriate timer if possible or only used when required. Turn it off overnight if not needed and especially when you are not in the property. The same applies for electrical items.

If you have an electric storage heater then ensure you either use the boost function or timer setting so that it is not constantly heating the water tank for no purpose. You can also liaise with your utility provider to check if there’s any way to reduce your costs or even switch provider to a cheaper alternative. You can compare various tariffs using Uswitch.

I have a problem with a neighbour or a communal issue like refuse storage/collection, bin collection etc, what should I do?

If you want to know about the bin stores or recycling you can check with us about the arrangements in your block or ask a neighbour. For more details on what can be recycled, etc. please contact the Council or check their website for more specific information.

If you have a problem with neighbours or issues in the communal block like broken doors etc. then please inform Gallus so we can contact the Factor on your behalf to report any problems.

Can I hang up pictures, make changes to the layout, add/remove furniture?

 We ask that you seek permission before making any major changes such as mounting TVs or redecorating. We want you to feel at home as much as possible so you are more than welcome to change the layout and add furniture, but we request that if you want to replace or remove anything in the flat, please check with us first.

Unless otherwise specified, the Landlord will expect all furniture included in the inventory to be returned on departure.

I have a maintenance issue or other problem to report

Please see our Maintenance guide bbelow for more details of common problems. Also beware that as a Tenant, smaller maintenance issues such as blown lightbulbs, low boiler pressure (unless it occurs as a result of a fault), and replacing batteries are your responsibility.

Please report any repairs or issues to ourselves using the Arthur Tenant portal or app as soon as possible. If out of office hours and emergency, then please call our office at 0141 212 0825.

For anything time sensitive like gas problems or leaks it is essential that they are reported immediately. Please bear in mind we have a legal obligation to protect people and property, and in such circumstances it may be required for us to attend the property with a contractor at short notice.

The aerial doesn’t work, I want to get Sky TV, I don’t know about cables or boxes, etc..

The Landlord is generally not responsible for TV, Phone and Broadband connections. If you would like to add equipment, then please check for the services in your area on Uswitch. If you have any specific questions about the equipment, then you are best to ask your service provider directly.

Please ensure any work that is completed by 3rd party engineers is approved first if required – such as putting holes in the brickwork to install a Sky satellite.

What am I responsible for as a Tenant?

Tenants are responsible for all utilities and council tax, unless otherwise specified in the Tenancy Agreement. You are also responsible for maintaining the flat and any private garden spaces, if applicable, including cutting grass.

Small maintenance issues, such as burnt out light bulbs, slow drains, stiff doors or hinges, as well as filter cleaning in refrigerators and washing machines should first be attempted to be repaired by the Tenant. Should the attempted repairs not succeed, contact our office for advice or to book in for maintenance. 

Report A Repair


If you are experiencing a fault or issue within your property, please report it here. If the issue is an emergency and it is not safe to wait, please call our office at 0141 212 0825.

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