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Switching Letting Agents in Glasgow – A Guide for Landlords

Posted by Matthew Gunn on September 5, 2022
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Switching Letting Agents in Glasgow – A Guide for Landlords


If you are unhappy with your current Letting Agent and considering switching then you may be amazed at the simplicity in doing so!

Many of the bigger agencies in Glasgow simply do not perform – High fees, slow response times, poor communication and the list goes on.  As a Landlord you do not want or need the hassle of problems with Property Management, that is what you pay for after all!


How Easy is it to Switch Letting Agencies ?


Thankfully switching is straight forward – simply get in touch with the friendly team at Gallus and you will get a response detailing the next steps which are:

  • Simply serve your notice on current Agent and introduce us as the new managing Agent
  • We will take care of the rest – Contacting Tenant, obtaining all compliance certificates, leases and inventories
  • Setting up new payments, collecting keys and all the other bits
  • When we take over you will have time to discuss any problems with your new Property Manager at Gallus
  • We will inspect the Property shortly after to address and issues with maintenance and the Tenant


Why would I switch Letting Agencies?

– This is a great question, why have some of our other Glasgow Landlord Clients switched Letting Agencies over to Gallus?

  • Poor communication – They never knew who the Property Manager was and high turnover of staff
  • Costs.. As ever the bigger Letting Agencies are simply not good value for money, with our simple pricing structure we are confident we can provide an unbeatable value for money
  • Speed and efficiency – We are hands on, that means no red tape and we get straight to work, we don’t waste any time because Time is Money to Landlords
  • Poor management – From not charging the right price, poor maintenance, lack of knowledge on Property and lacklustre inspections.  It all happens with other agencies, but as Landlords ourselves we have the knowledge and experience to help you


So if you are thinking of switching and don’t want the hassle, It might be worth re-considering.  As a Landlord you should get value for money and should have your Property managed by competent and qualified Managers.  If they’re not delivering, then make the switch.

If you need some guidance on who to switch to then checking online reviews is always a good idea.


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