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estate agentsIn the heart of Glasgow lies Gallus Sales & Lettings, a beacon of assurance and expertise for landlords, property investors, and sellers alike. With our team of expert estate agents, property transactions are not just about the bricks and mortar; they’re about embarking on a voyage where we promise an effortless journey from beginning to end.

Selling or renting? Let our personalised touch navigate the subtle intricacies for you. We comprehend the ebb and flow of Glasgow’s property market, ensuring your journey from intent to transaction is seamless.

For our landlords, we recognise the weight of responsibility that rests upon your shoulders. It’s more than a property; it’s an investment, a dream perhaps. That’s why our dedicated team dives into the nitty-gritty, preserving the sanctity of your investment and offering you a respite from the daunting tasks. Feel the reassurance of security, and trust in the competent embrace of our property management.

Speaking to the aspirations of property investors, Gallus steps beyond the traditional. From those taking their tentative first step in the property market to the stalwarts aiming to broaden their horizon, we craft solutions that resonate with your unique ambitions. With us, each investment strategy is addressed with diligence, guiding you through the diverse landscape of Glasgow’s real estate.

And when it comes to unlocking the dormant potential of your property, our refurbishment maestros are a force to be reckoned with. Be it an intricate flip that breathes new life into an old structure or a calculated buy-to-rent venture, witness the metamorphosis of your property as our experts sprinkle their magic, amplifying its value and splendour.

Choose Gallus Sales & Lettings. Where dreams meet reality, and journeys find their destinations.

Hear it from those who've experienced the Gallus difference

“After researching a ton for my first BTL, I came across Matthew who very kindly and patiently guided me through the first deal which he sourced, viewed, upgraded and let out. Absolutely impressed by the professionalism and timely responses. Would love to replicate similar deals, as I can be confident that the sourced property would be in capable hands of Matthew and the team at Gallus Lettings.”
Gavin Currie,
“Gallus Lettings have been a breath of fresh air - Efficient, effective management without any nasty surprises. These guys offer unbeatable, personal service and their communication is fantastic! I would highly recommend Gallus over the antiquated, cumbersome high street agencies - I get so much more for my money!”
Gavin Currie,
“I'm really impressed with the service from these guys. Very quick to respond and extremely hands-on. They made a beautiful video of the flat as well as pictures and found a suitable tenant very quickly. Excellent marketing. They also took great care to find a good tenant. Delighted so far thank you!”
Judy Fisher,

Experience the Gallus gold standard: Unrivalled estate agent service

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At Gallus Sales & Lettings, our service isn’t just about property – it’s about people. We pride ourselves on delivering truly exceptional customer care, tailoring every experience to meet your individual needs. 

From our personable approach that makes you feel like more than just another client, to our unwavering commitment to swiftly resolve any hiccup, we stand out as the gold standard in Glasgow’s estate landscape.

Dive into in-depth consultations where your voice is not only heard but valued. Benefit from complimentary sales and rental valuations, grounded in rigorous market analyses. And above all, relish in a property journey that’s not just seamless but refreshingly stress-free.


Seal your property's best future with us!



The property journey is intricate, but with Gallus Sales & Lettings by your side, it transforms into a masterfully orchestrated symphony. Don’t settle for anything less than the Gallus guarantee of excellence. Your property deserves the best, and so do you. 

Ready to embark on a property voyage that stands out? Call us today at 0141 212 0825. Alternatively, for lettings, reach out to or for sales, contact 

Dive into a world where your property aspirations are not just understood, but meticulously brought to life. Choose Gallus. Choose excellence.

Dive into the Gallus advantage: Unveiling our exceptional features & benefits

In the intricate ballet of property transactions, what truly sets a service apart is the underpinning features and benefits. It’s these nuanced offerings that can turn a stressful process into a seamless experience. At Gallus Sales & Lettings, we firmly believe that the details matter. Beyond the tangible transactions, it’s our unique suite of features that cater to the myriad needs of our clients. Delve into what makes us not just distinct, but decisively superior in Glasgow’s real estate landscape.

  • property agentsCompliance and Protection: With Gallus, you’re not just getting service; you’re getting security. As proud members of the Council of Letting Agents (CLA) and by stringently adhering to the Letting Agent Code of Practice, we ensure elevated standards that resonate with your peace of mind. Coupled with our full insurance and money protection, you can rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands.
  • Transparent Fees: We believe in clarity, not complexity. With our transparent fee structure, you’re never left guessing. Experience the true meaning of straightforwardness, with a fee structure that respects your intellect and doesn’t hide behind jargon.
  • Modern Convenience: In today’s fast-paced world, convenience isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. From online document signing to flexible viewings, we bring the future of property transactions to your fingertips. Let’s redefine property experience in the digital age together.
  • Integrated Services: Step into a holistic world of property solutions. Whether you’re buying, selling, letting, or seeking investment consultancy, our integrated approach ensures you get the full spectrum of expertise under one trusted roof.
  • Director-Led Approach: When you choose Gallus, you’re not just another client. With the direct involvement of our directors, Matthew Gunn and Andy Little, in daily operations, each client gets the attention and personal touch they deserve.

As you chart your property journey, let the bespoke offerings of Gallus Sales & Lettings guide you. From compliance to modernity, from transparency to integration, each facet of our service is crafted keeping you in mind. So, when you think of property in Glasgow, think of Gallus. After all, it’s not just about property; it’s about a promise of unparalleled excellence.

Connect with Glasgow's finest estate agents

Choosing the right estate agent is paramount to achieving your property goals. Let us be your compass in the intricate maze of Glasgow’s property landscape. Reach out today, and witness the Gallus distinction for yourself. 

For a direct line to unparalleled excellence, simply fill out our contact form at Where your property aspirations meet unmatched expertise, there lies the Gallus promise. Don’t wait, let’s embark on your property journey together.

Navigating your queries: Estate agent FAQs

At Gallus Sales & Lettings, our estate agents serve as the bridge between buyers and sellers in the property landscape. We harness our extensive expertise to evaluate properties, market them effectively, and oversee transactions, ensuring that every client benefits from our in-depth understanding and commitment.

Our estate agents employ a meticulous method to ascertain property value. We blend current market insights, specifics about the property’s location and condition, and data from recent comparable sales in the area. This holistic approach ensures our valuations are both precise and reflective of genuine market worth.

Choosing Gallus as your estate agent opens up a world of advantages. With our expansive reach to potential buyers and renters, coupled with our deep-rooted market insights, we streamline the intricacies of property transactions, delivering a seamless experience and maximising your returns.

While the UK does have several reputable professional bodies for estate agents, not all are regulated. At Gallus, we champion transparency and uphold the highest industry standards, offering our clients not just service, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re in the best hands.

When you’re considering estate agents, it’s essential to delve into their market expertise, track record, and the breadth of services on offer. At Gallus, we’re proud of our affiliations with key professional bodies, the glowing testimonials from our satisfied clients, and our bespoke approach to property marketing. We invite you to experience the Gallus difference for yourself.

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