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When it comes to property in Glasgow, Gallus Sales & Lettings stands as the benchmark for expertise, trust, and results. As the leading commercial estate agents in Glasgow, we’ve consistently redefined what it means to navigate the city’s real estate landscape, offering our clients unparalleled services and a promise of genuine commitment.

For landlords, property investors, and sellers alike, the intricacies of property transactions can often be daunting. However, with Gallus Sales & Lettings by your side, every step of the process is effortlessly streamlined. If you’re on the verge of selling or letting a property, our personalised approach ensures your journey is smooth, from inception to completion.

But that’s not all. We understand the immense responsibility landlords shoulder, and our dedicated landlord support is designed to handle those burdensome tasks. With our unrivalled knowledge in property management, landlords can rest easy, knowing their investments are nurtured and secure in our hands.

For investors, be it a newcomer or seasoned veterans, Gallus Sales & Lettings crafts bespoke solutions tailored to meet every unique requirement. Whether you’re looking to make your first property acquisition or aiming to diversify an existing portfolio, our comprehensive support will guide you, ensuring your investment journey is nothing short of rewarding.

Lastly, our expertise is not just limited to sales, lettings, and investments. Our adept refurbishment team is ever ready to transform your property, unlocking its potential like never before. Whether it’s a major overhaul or a strategic buy-to-rent project, we infuse value and excellence into every endeavour.

Join us at Gallus Sales & Lettings, where we make the complexities of property in Glasgow, simple.

Hear from our satisfied clients: Testimonials that speak volumes

“After researching a ton for my first BTL, I came across Matthew who very kindly and patiently guided me through the first deal which he sourced, viewed, upgraded and let out. Absolutely impressed by the professionalism and timely responses. Would love to replicate similar deals, as I can be confident that the sourced property would be in capable hands of Matthew and the team at Gallus Lettings.”
Gavin Currie,
“Gallus Lettings have been a breath of fresh air - Efficient, effective management without any nasty surprises. These guys offer unbeatable, personal service and their communication is fantastic! I would highly recommend Gallus over the antiquated, cumbersome high street agencies - I get so much more for my money!”
Gavin Currie,
“I'm really impressed with the service from these guys. Very quick to respond and extremely hands-on. They made a beautiful video of the flat as well as pictures and found a suitable tenant very quickly. Excellent marketing. They also took great care to find a good tenant. Delighted so far thank you!”
Judy Fisher,

Exceptional service with Gallus: Beyond estate agency excellence in Glasgow

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At Gallus Sales & Lettings, our commitment goes beyond the mere transactional. As a leading name among commercial estate agents in Glasgow, we pride ourselves on delivering a calibre of customer service that is truly unparalleled. Engage with our experts and you’ll find in-depth consultations tailored to your needs, ensuring every question is answered and every concern, is addressed. 

Considering selling or renting? Our team provides free sales and rental valuations, equipping you with the insight needed to make informed decisions. Above all, we understand the intricacies of the property market can be overwhelming. 

Hence, we’ve refined our processes to be seamless, guaranteeing our clients a stress-free journey. With Gallus Sales & Lettings, you’re not just choosing an estate agent; you’re opting for a partner dedicated to excellence.

Unlock your property's potential with us

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In the ever-evolving realm of Glasgow’s property market, choosing the right commercial estate agent can be the difference between success and missed opportunities. 

Gallus Sales & Lettings doesn’t just represent a choice; it’s a commitment to professionalism, innovation, and undivided dedication. Let our experts guide you through the maze of property sales and lettings, illuminating the path to your success. Don’t let another moment pass; seize the future you envision. 

Contact us today at 0141 212 0825 or email us at or With Gallus by your side, the horizon of possibilities has never been brighter.

Unravelling Gallus excellence: Features & benefits tailored for you

The strength of a commercial estate agency is mirrored not just in its ability to sell or let properties, but in the myriad of ways it stands out to serve its clientele. At Gallus Sales & Lettings, we’ve woven together a fabric of services that doesn’t merely check boxes but crafts unique narratives for each client. Rooted in profound understanding and local expertise, we extend a palette of features and benefits tailored to turn your property dreams into tangible realities. Let’s dive into what sets us apart in the bustling Glasgow property market.

  • glasgow commercial property brokersLocal Expertise: Beyond just being on the ground, our team possesses a deep-rooted knowledge of the Glasgow property market. This ensures every client benefits from genuine, unparalleled local insights.
  • Integrated Services: With us, you access a holistic suite of services that covers every facet of the property journey, from purchasing and renovation to sales, lettings, and astute investment consultancy.
  • Director-Led Approach: The personalised touch of our services stems from the direct involvement of our esteemed directors, Matthew Gunn and Andy Little. Their active participation in daily operations ensures a gold-standard experience for our clients.
  • Investor’s Perspective: With backgrounds as seasoned landlords and investors, our lens is uniquely calibrated. We manage and market properties with an unwavering focus on an investor’s best interests.
  • Proven Investment Expertise: Our legacy speaks for itself. With a successful streak in purchasing investment properties since 2015, we specialise in property renovation and have a firm footprint in the buy-to-let market.

In the realm of property, where every decision has lasting impacts, Gallus Sales & Lettings stands as your pillar of trust, excellence, and unmatched expertise. With us, you’re not just securing a service; you’re forging a partnership destined for success.

Take the leap with Glasgow's finest

Navigating the dynamic world of Glasgow’s property market demands expertise, dedication, and a partner who genuinely understands your aspirations. At Gallus Sales & Lettings, we’re more than just commercial estate agents in Glasgow; we’re the bridge to your property dreams. 

Why wait any longer? Make the defining choice today. Reach out to us directly through our contact form at and let’s embark on a journey tailored just for you.

Navigating Glasgow's property market: Your FAQs answered

Among the myriad of commercial estate agents in Glasgow, Gallus Sales & Lettings stands distinguished due to our holistic suite of services, director-led approach, and unparalleled local expertise. We pride ourselves on crafting bespoke property solutions for each client.

Commercial estate agents in Glasgow, especially at Gallus Sales & Lettings, utilise a combination of market analysis, local expertise, and in-depth property assessments to determine a property’s accurate valuation. This ensures that clients receive a valuation that reflects the true market value.

Absolutely. While not all commercial estate agents in Glasgow offer renovation services, Gallus Sales & Lettings boasts a dedicated team with proven expertise in property renovation, ensuring properties are optimally presented for sale or letting.

Yes, many commercial estate agents in Glasgow, including Gallus Sales & Lettings, cater to overseas investors. We offer tailored solutions, comprehensive guidance, and local insights, making the investment process smooth for international clients.

Managing properties involves a lot of tasks, from tenant sourcing and vetting to regular maintenance. At Gallus Sales & Lettings, like other prominent commercial estate agents in Glasgow, we offer comprehensive property management services, ensuring landlords enjoy peace of mind and a consistent return on their investment.

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